What is the Best Job After Retirement?

What is th Best Retirement Job

Something that would be fun don’t you think? After what probably amounted to years of working in a dead end job with what seemed like slavery and drudgery, isn’t now the time to have fun if you still want to work a job in retirement?
I certainly hope that having fun is high on your priority list.

Once you start working because you don’t need the money it will completely transform the way you look at a job and employment in general. One of the best books ever written on this subject is by Ernie Zelinski called:

How to Retire Happy, Wild and Free

It will be the best ten bucks you ever spent on educating yourself on life after retirement. The book is chock full of helpful hints and great ideas.


The latest buzzword to come out of the insurance industry is ‘unretirement’ from Sunlife Canada.  It stated that “baby boomers were going to transform retirement and that many would work past traditional retirement age of 65”. Eight years after their original report “unretirement” is a widely accepted idea many have already put into practice.

I have only been retired early, (age 60) for two months and I can tell you one thing. I have no idea what people miss about work. I do not miss driving a truck for a living and working through the night. I do not miss being in the army and waking up at stupid o’clock to go for a run.

Different strokes for different folks but I guess I was just one of those people that hated working. I realize that’s not everybody and there are different reasons people keep working past age 65.

From that same survey (48%) say the single best thing about retirement is “the freedom to do what you want, when you want. “Fifteen per cent say it’s “not having to follow a schedule.” I couldn’t agree more with those retirees surveyed.

Why have a retirement job?

  • the need to have a purpose in life
  • miss a structured routine
  • get out of the house
  • stimulates the brain to be back in a social circle
  • meet different people
  • the chance to stay active
  • just to have FUN!

There are a lot of people out there who will tell you that the best retirement job out there is to NOT retire. There are so many reasons people continue to work in retirement such as, they still have a lot of bills to pay, no workplace pension. They want to retire but maybe work part-time or just have a retirement job.

What jobs are out there?

A couple years ago I booked a shuttle to the airport. The guy picking me up at 5 a.m. was 75 years old. Retired but just wanted a little something to keep him going. He loved late night driving because there was a lot less traffic and he could work all the hours he wanted. This was the perfect retirement job for him. What else is out there you might like to do.

  • go back to school to train for what you always wanted to be when you grew up
  • contract or temp work
  • bus/ shuttle drivers
  • tax preparer
  • teach based on your skills (dance, ski  instructor etc..)
  • call centre representative
  • fast food early shift
  • home health care aide
  • retail associate
  • seasonal jobs (landscaping, snow removal)
  • scrap picker
  • start your own business

I mention all these jobs in particular because where I live in South Central Ontario there are job postings for these positions everywhere and employers are in constant need for them.

Remember this, work because you want to and not because you have to. These jobs are low paying but maybe you are already financially secure enough and want to just get out there and have some fun. In my situation I want to avoid retail work that ties up my weekends. I definitely want those days off as my top priority.

I also don’t want a boss, so starting my own business is what I’m doing now and love the freedom that it provides. I set my own hours and work as hard as I like when I like. For me, this works as we’re financially secure enough with my wife working part-time.

Retirement is a lot less expensive

In the same Sunlife survey Canadians said they were living on average with 62% of their working income. Monthly expenses averaged out to $2,611 in retirement. Significantly less than the $3,431 during their working years. This is why your retirement job should focus on a lot of other factors other than financial.

A Canadian retired at 65 will receive $1663 per month in retirement government benefits. This is the maximum amount available to you.

With those figures in mind, you would only have to make up a $948 per month difference to live out an average middle class lifestyle in retirement. Using the example in my own hometown, you can get a temporary work assignment that will pay you net $1700 a month for inspecting car parts. No heavy lifting involved. These types of jobs are on offer every month as they have a hard time filling positions. Perfect for a retiree who wants to supplement their income and meet people. The downside is shift work. There is always going to be something that’s not ideal. Such is the nature of working for someone else.

The Best Job

Is that job that fulfills all of those requirements that are personal to you. Wait a bit and if you feel the burning need to join the workforce again, do it on your terms.

I remember when they asked us in Grade 7, what do you want to be when you grow up? Now go do that!


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8 thoughts on “What is the Best Job After Retirement?

  1. What to do after retirement is usually a tricky subject. My dad retired about 5 years ago and he is always looking for something to keep himself occupied. He’s always moving from one project to another. My mom will be retiring next year and she is trying to figure out what to do. She’ll still have mortgage payments for another 3 years so she needs to get some source of income coming in outside of her retirement benefits from her company. I will certainly send her this link to read. She may be inspired to do something else after retirement.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Peter.
    Loved the post and the fantastic down to earth advice you give on all things money.
    I currently don’t have a 9 to 5 job but starting your own business I agree is a good idea.
    I still need that day job at the moment and I must say I’m not yet at traditional retirement age.
    You opened my mind a bit on some job choices I never even considered.

  3. I do believe everybody needs a purpose after they retire. Having a purpose is critical for a meaningful life. Meaning in life brings joy and satisfaction. I also believe that having a purpose will keep the mind active and help prevent the loss of mind function with the aging process. Though I have at least 15-20 years before I retire, I am certain that when I do retire I will find a new purpose for my life to make a difference in the world.

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