What is the Best Diet to Lose Weight Fast?

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​Why is this topic inside a personal finance website? In my former life I was a fitness instructor in the military and I came across my share of people fighting the weight loss battle.

So, this is a subject near and dear to my heart. It is also very important as we age and enter retirement, to try and stay healthy so we can move and enjoy life and the money we have worked so hard to save. These should be the best years of our life so let's try and keep the pounds off and stay healthy.

Every year at this time people are flooding into fitness facilities looking for ways to get active and burn off that fat we all seem to gain starting with Thanksgiving and carrying over into the Christmas season.

​I myself have gained over 20 pounds during this same timeframe. When we talk about 'best diet' is there really one out there that is the best for everyone?

I don't think so, not a 'diet' that's going to fit everyone exactly the same way.

How about not ever going on a diet again? That's the premise behind Jon Gabriel's new book '​The Gabriel Method'.

Jon calls it 'The Revolutionary DIET-FREE Way to Totally Transform Your Body'​

TITLE: The Gabriel Method
AUTHOR NAME: Jon Gabriel
AUTHOR CREDENTIALS: Extensive coursework in biochemistry, organic chemistry and biology
GENRE: Weight Loss

"from 409 pounds to 184 pounds

Author Jon Gabriel uses his own remarkable transformation

to show the solution to changing the inner belief systems that keep our bodies from thin."

"The pile of recent dieting books is growing faster than the average American's waistline. From the well-known programs that deprive and restrict to ones that rely on juice alone, it seems that everybody has an answer to the growing problem of obesity.

When Jon Gabriel's life took an unexpected turn, he suddenly was awakened to the marvelous gift that he had been given -- the opportunity to live -- and was disgusted at how he had treated his body. At over four hundred pounds, walking, sleeping, and working was a struggle against gravity, and his life was a constant battle between emotional and physical satiation. He was slowly killing himself with food.

Like the estimated 58 percent of Americans, and rising numbers in other countries, Jon was trapped in what he came to call the FAT - Famine and Temperature - trap. By studying biochemistry, Gabriel learned that your body has an internal logic that determines how fat or thin you will be at any given time. The way to lose weight is not to struggle or to force yourself to lose weight but to understand this internal logic and work with it so that your body wants to be thinner. When your body wants to be thinner, weight loss is inevitable and becomes automatic and effortless. You simply crave less food, you crave healthier foods, your metabolism speeds up and you become very efficient at burning fat, just like a naturally thin person. And that's the real transformation -- to transform yourself into a naturally thin person, so that you can eat whatever you want whenever you want and still be vibrant and healthy.oogle.js" async=""][/tcb-script]

What can you learn from this book 

The Gabriel Method
  •  Your body has a reason why it's holding on to weight--and it's not your fault.

  •  Fat is a cushion--a protective barrier that our mind believes is helping to protect us.

  •  If you can change that belief, you can change your body; Stop the cycle of crash dieting and start eating what you want, when you want it.

  •  How to choose healthy, nutritious foods that nourish the cells in your body, not starve them.

  •  Delicious shakes and smoothies, and super-power supplements, that can jump start your success.

  •  The simple way you can train your mind and body to work with your goal of health, not against it.

  •  Eliminate the emotional and mental reasons your body holds on to weight in just 10 minutes a day.

"It certainly worked for Jon; he lost 225 pounds in two-and-a-half years, going from 409 pounds to 184, without suffering, dieting, or anguishing over his body. Unlike most people who lose an extensive amount of weight, his skin tightened up and now is indistinguishable from that of a person who has been healthy his whole life."

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What I learned from this book

That your body needs you to put more of the good stuff (nutrients) in because that is what it is most starving for. We tend to fill it with dead food and in one hour we hunger for more. I really think twice about what my body needs and what it craves.

  1. I learned that deprivation is not a way to lose weight long term. Give your body what it is craving.​
  2. That I need to start my day off taking a probiotc to help with digestion and to help my body clear the bad stuff from my system.
  3. I need to take a digestive enzyme to aid in digestion in the early stages of following this method.
  4. To help with weight loss I need to meditate and engage my mind in helping lose the weight. It's a total mind/body connection.
  5. In time my body will crave healthy nutrient dense foods by following the above methods. It won't want junk food.
  6. I need to give myself a year to develop good habits and change the way I look at food and dieting. It takes time.
  7. There is NO diet that works, that is why NOT going on a diet but following this method works and eliminates the need to constantly surf the internet for quick fixes and a different diet to follow.
  8. This method is backed by science
  9. Exercising every day or some form of strenuous activity is necessary to keep the weight from coming back

My Final Take

You can try every diet known to man and I've tried a lot of them. Until you get it into your mind that diets don't work, never have and never will, you will not transform your body. You will always look at food the same way.

Eventually the weight will come back and the diet you are on will fail you.

The Gabriel Method works because it's not a diet to follow but rather a way to live your life and change your relationship with food forever. This is not only the best way to lose weight fast, it's the best way to lose it forever.

Are you on a diet? What has worked best for you? I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

The Gabriel Method

The Revolutionary DIET-FREE Way to Totally Transform Your Body

6 thoughts on “What is the Best Diet to Lose Weight Fast?

  1. When it comes to weight loss, our mind is totally the enemy. I’ve been trying to lose a few pounds, and the hardest thing to do is telling yourself not to overeat. Luckily, I now use the nutrition guide included in Georges St. Pierre’s Rushfit program to eat healthier and cut down my food portions. It’s tough, but when it’s always on your mind it’s possible.

  2. I actually really learned a lot from this post! Great review and very informative. It made me want to start taking a probiotic and eating healthier myself since I’m guilty of not doing that. Thanks for that!

  3. Wow. Transform your body without really dieting? Just eating properly and getting the right amount of exercise? How awesome is That? This book is amazing, and with the personal results and successes that you mention people all over the world who are seeking to make similar transformations are bound to see some great results!

    • Hi Linda, when you read the book it will tell you that, it’s not so much about what you shouldn’t eat and more about what you should eat (the good nutrients). This is not a diet but rather a body mind connection and changing our whole approach to how we see food and what it can do for us.

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