What Can I Do To Lose Belly Fat?

According to the Heart and Stroke foundation of Canada 60% of adults in Canada are overweight.In 2014, 20.2% of Canadians aged 18 and older, roughly 5.3 million adults, reported height and weight that classiified them as obese. The rate of obesity among men increased to 21.8% in 2014 from 20.1% in 2013, and is the … Read more

Victory Lap Retirement – My Take

​​TITLE: Victory Lap RetirementAUTHOR NAME: Mike Drak/ Jonathan ChevreauAUTHOR CREDENTIALS: Michael is a thirty-eight year veteran of the financial services industry and Jonathan is a columnist and financial blogger at findependencehub.com and moneysense.caGENRE: Retirement PlanningNUMBER OF PAGES: 232PUBLICATION DATE: October 10 2016SYNOPSIS/SUMMARY: From Amazon:”The rules of retirement have changed and there’s more at risk than … Read more


TITLE: The Value of Simple AUTHOR NAME: John Robetson, PhD AUTHOR CREDENTIALS: Financial Blogger PhD GENRE: Investing NUMBER OF PAGES: 204 PUBLICATION DATE: December 2014 SYNOPSIS/SUMMARY: From Amazon “A Practical Guide that takes the Complexity Out of Investing. This is a plain-language guide to investing for Canadians. Canada has the highest investment fees in the world, as well as … Read more

What is the Best Job After Retirement?

Something that would be fun don’t you think? After what probably amounted to years of working in a dead end job with what seemed like slavery and drudgery, isn’t now the time to have fun if you still want to work a job in retirement? I certainly hope that having fun is high on your … Read more

Can I Save Money Each Month? – Try Leasing a Car vs Buying

Nothing gets people more excited than debating whether you should buy something or rent it. Unless you’re talking politics or religion then it really gets crazy. The topic today is not whether you should buy a new car or buy a used car. No, I’m talking about leasing a new car vs buying a new car. … Read more